12 Dec 2009


eHampshire supports accessibility issues and has tried to build this website in accordance with accessibility guidelines. If you have any problems accessing this site or would like to suggest possible improvements to the accessibility of the site please contact info@ehampshire.org


Text is laid out using stylesheets in order that users can change them in their browsers to make viewing easier for their indivdual requirements. If you find viewing the text difficult then you can change the text size in your browser menu. The images that appear on the pages are described by alt tags and all pages have html page titles. Links to other documents usually open in new browser windows in front, so that you can close these windows without closing the site.

Access Keys

The eHampshire website incorporates ACCESSKEY functionality. These keys can be used to navigate the site quickly and easily. Simply hold down Alt, then press the corresponding number, release and then press return. The ACCESSKEY functionality used on this site is as follows:

Alt + 0 - Go to Accessibility statement
Alt + 1 - Go to home page
Alt + 2 - Go to news page
Alt + 3 - Go to events page
Alt + 4 - Go to suppliers page
Alt + 5 - Go to resources page
Alt + 6 - Go to about us page
Alt + 9 - Go to site map
Items on submenus or text links on a page can be accessed by using the tab key.

Site Map

There is a site map of the eHampshire website which can help you navigation around the site.


There are a number of PDF links on the site, if you would like to read a PDF document with a screen reader please follow this link to the Access Adobe website.