31 Jan 2010

  • NEW Bytesize on-line MS Office Training

  • NEW Bytesize on-line MS Office Training MATiSSE Knowledge Exchange Partner 247 Virtual.Com has launched what it calls 'the ideal way to nourish your mind with some simple tools and techniques in MS Office to help you maximise your productivity'.
    All you need is access to the web, a telephone (or skype) and £20 (Naturally you can book the 40 minute byte size training modules on-line too)
    Click on the link below to see availability and to choose your byte size MS Office module.

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  • Improving ICT skills for all

  • The treasury forecasts that by 2020 the number of jobs requiring no or limited skills will fall from 3.4 million currently to 600,000.

    It is clear from these figures that economic prosperity and social well-being will be increasingly dependent on good skills, eHampshire will work with partners across the county to help signpost people and enterprises to the right places to develop these skills in an ICT context.

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