31 Jan 2010

  • Disabled Access

  • A recent report by the Disability Rights Commission found that disabled people make up one fifth of the working population of the UK, yet are far more likely to be unemployed than their non-disabled counterparts. Making these levels equal would bring an extra £13bn to the UK economy.

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  • Social, Economic and Age Barriers

  • Is the 'digital divide' the gap between rich and poor or the difference in the way young people and adults view the internet?

    A recent report for Ofcom found that of people aged 65+:
    80% never use the internet
    44% never use mobile phones

    eHampshire is working with Everybody Online to help address these and other issues

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  • Extending Access to ICT for all

  • Extending Access to ICT for all Information and Communications Technology (ICT) forms an increasing part of everyday life; mobile phone calls, emails, MP3 players, websites, social networking sites, Wikis, Blogs, the list seems to grow almost daily.

    Whilst many people take accessing these services for granted, other groups are becoming alienated and feel excluded from this digital revolution.

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