17 Sep 2009

  • Having Problems Getting FAST Broadband?

  • Having Problems Getting FAST Broadband? eHampshire has worked with its partners and BT to make sure that all the exchanges in the county are Broadband Enabled. Despite this however there are still some areas of the county that are not covered by broadband, for reasons of distance from the exchange or quality of line, many of these areas are remote rural locations but some are also in surprisingly built up areas, these so called ‘not spots’ are a problem for Hampshire’s Knowledge Based Economy and we are keen to map them so that we can work with our partners and BT to reduce their impact.

    Let us know if you are having problems...

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  • Welcome

  • eHampshire (formerly Hampshire Broadband), has helped bring broadband-connectivity to every exchange across Hampshire.

    99.6% of the county’s population now has the possibility to access the Internet using Broadband and virtually all of the County’s 50,000 or so VAT registered businesses have the same opportunity. eHampshire, through its many forms of interaction with business and the community at large, including connection grants, workshops, web-based information and advice sessions, has to date helped over 1000 enterprises understand the potential benefits of ICT to their daily business.

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